Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

How many days it usually takes to see Results for my campaign ?

It totally depends on the campaign and the industry we are serving and also the type of campaigns we are running. for example just to give you clear insights if we are running brand awareness or lead generation campaigns which are basically for small business it would usually take 24-48 hrs and when we see long run 15-30 days is preferrable for lumpsum and expected results. while coming to campaigns like Retargeting and Lookalike audiences which would basically drive more similar audience, the results period would be 1-3 months as retargeting and lookalike audience requires atleast a month time to gather more similar data from the campaigna and hence it enhances the campaign more optimally to our requirements

How to contact adlux , if we had a query or questions ?

Mail us at we will get through your mail and get back to as soon as possible

I had zero knowledge in online advertising , can adlux helps with that ?

No problem at all , you can confidently Schedule a free 15 min audit call with us we will get you through this - Infact 60% of our customers had come from zero tech knowledge - once you schedule 15 min audit call with us we will walk you through what's we do , how we do and how you can do Our PR team reaches you once the deal closes and get you on a video call with us and Guide you like a student teacher in school to get it done in first place

Can i see my ad reports on how it's performing ?

Defnitely Yes, and the best part is we provide you a custom link where all your reports can be viewed and its encrypted only you and we can access that link

How to Schedule a Free Audit Call ?

You can Schedule a Free Audit Call with us by filling out the Contact Form with is available at the bottom of Home page of this website Or JUST CLICK HERE

Do i need to pay money if i left after 1 month ?

Absolutely Not we at adlux media offers a 1 month free Trial, so that our customers gets taste of online presence and then they eventually want it cause there were getting results and if you think it would be not fit for me then you can walk off without even paying single penny. we believe in customer results so we offer a month free trial which is our unique & one and only feature

What is one month free Trial ? How it Works ?

we at adlux media provide a one month free trial for our valuable customer You can avail our 1 month free trial and see results , if you think it does fit for you or the campaigns aren't getting better results or Roi's then you can walk off ,without even paying a single cent And if you think teh campagns performing well and getting better Roi you can avail our service from then Click here to contact us