Digital marketing 

We at adLux media focus on industry driven ads to achieve high Roi.We believe digital marketing should be driven by business goals and focused on the target audience. We use an integrated and flexible approach, utilizing diverse skill sets across our team, and we dedicate ourselves to constantly improving results.

Helping Brands across Industries Achieve Their Goals 

  • Analytics dashboard customized for your business

  • Cost per acquisition and ROI focus

  • Agile methodology incorporating creatives, strategists, designers and developers as needed

  • Integrated approach based around your company’s goals and audience, not marketing tactics or channels

  • Weekly collaboration, monthly reporting and quarterly performance reviews

  • Long-term orientation that creates consistent, sustainable growth




You may be surprised that great social media isn’t created on a whim. You start with a social media strategy that defines a target audience and solidifies a brand mission and voice. We provide social content themes, a posting schedule and tactics for increasing reach and engagement across the social networks that are relevant for your business. The day to day stuff is a lot more fun when people are interacting and the strategy is working.

Digital Marketing Driven by Business Goals


Our success comes from an unrelenting focus on client goals throughout the life of the campaign. We establish goals and KPIs before deciding on the tools, tactics and campaigns we will use to achieve them.

Focused on the Target Audience




We don’t use the latest social network just because it’s hip, and we don’t suggest one tactic over another based solely on our past success. Every strategic plan we deliver is built on a deep understanding of your audience, based on both statistical data and direct personal feedback.

An Integrated Approach to Digital Marketing

We use an integrated approach to digital marketing that combines content marketing, search engine optimization, online advertising, social media marketing


We develop a cohesive strategy and make sure all digital marketing initiatives are working in concert.


Content marketing is all about rising above the noise these days. Achieving thousands of social shares and comments is not luck; it’s the result of good planning, knowing what your audience is looking for and creating content that is unique and worth sharing. We help clients develop a content strategy, steer their publications with an editorial calendar and provide the creative and technical resources to keep a consistent flow of quality content that will engage the target audience.


Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising has the potential to jump start a campaign, while display advertising and social promotions can build awareness for your product or brand over time. With search engine marketing, or SEM, we can reach your potential customers when their intention is to buy and continually drive more quality leads by optimizing around popular keyword and topics. Paid advertising is beneficial to have in the mix to propel your marketing strategy and add diversity to an otherwise organic approach.

Email Marketing 

Email marketing is a powerful method of connecting with valuable customers, clients, prospects and others interested in your business. When creating your email marketing strategy, we consider the audiences being reached, the content that each audience needs and when they need it. We think about whether the content should be packaged into a multi-email campaign, whether any emails should be automated and how your emails fit into your marketing strategy as a whole. The result is an email plan that works with your other marketing initiatives to build a valuable relationship with your audience.

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                 Always Improving

We consistently analyze our marketing efforts and optimize our campaigns for better performance. Whether we’re optimizing content and usability or testing messaging, call to actions, hierarchy or positioning, we strive to give the user what they are looking for and maximize your marketing investment over time.

Financial Report

Custom Reporting



Data is at the core of our campaigns and decision-making, and we think it’s crucial that our clients understand why we are making those decisions. That’s why all of our digital marketing clients have 24/7 access to marketing analytics through a custom analytics dashboard. This dashboard gives a simplified, high level overview of our marketing initiatives compared with historical performance data, and it doesn't require an advanced knowledge of analytics to use.

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Influencer Marketing 

Get connected to top influencers with supreme engagement rate and increase the reach of your post to influence your target audience and create a life time relationship with your customers.

Affiliate Marketing

we help you integrate with industry leading affiliate management tools that are trusted by silicon users and get your business restless sales through affiliate - and the fun fact about affiliates is you pay a fraction only when you make a sale what's better than that